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10 Benefits of Dancing Salsa for Men and Women

Why You Should Learn How to Dance Salsa

I’ve been dancing for ten years and I still haven’t met anyone who has regretted learning how to dance salsa. The only thing I’ve heard salsa dancers regret is that they didn’t learn how to start dancing salsa sooner!! I’ve come up with a list of 10 reasons why you should learn how to dance salsa and how dancing salsa will benefit your life. I’m not promising any miracles here, but I promise you that you won’t be bored! If you’re still excited about learning how to dance salsa, check out the links at the bottom of the page to my other articles that I wrote about salsa/latin dancing so you get all the information you need!

Happy dancing!

1) Dancing Makes You Smarter.

You put your brain to work by learning something totally brand new that requires a lot of complex thought. Not to discourage you, but dancing salsa actually involves a lot of mental processes! You might have a headache at the beginning, but just think of that as growing pains. Just like Sudoku puzzles, dancing requires you to think in a different way than you’re normally used to, putting your brain to work! So trust me when I say that dancing will make you smarter.

2) You Get to Make New friends.

Regardless if you’re satisfied with your current group of friends or not, learning how to dance, you’ll end up making a whole new group of friends and acquaintances from dancing! There’s tons of salseros and salseras you can talk to and hang out with. Even if you only see each other at dance, it’s still a great way to socialize with different people than you’re used to and an opportunity to break out of your comfort zone if you’re shy or don’t get out much, and expand your social circle.

3) You Learn How to Move Your Body.

You won’t be shaking it like Shakira or Jennifer Lopez on Day 1, but don’t worry, if you take lessons and practice, you’ll get there soon enough. Even if you don’t feel ready to do body rolls up and down the dance floor, you’ll at least be in touch with your body and not feel so awkward whenever music comes on and starts playing.

4) You’ll Have a Fun Way to Spend Your Evenings:

Going to the movies, sitting on the couch playing with your phone, stuffing your face at dinner, or spending a small fortune getting drunk is a perfectly acceptable way to spend your free evenings; but, how much more fun would it be if you could spend that same evening out salsa dancing instead? You’ll be socializing and getting some exercise, without feeling bloated or hung-over the morning after. Sound good? I think so.

5) You Get to Dress Up:

This is more for the women, but I’m sure there’s guys out there that appreciate this point too. Most of the time we’re stuck in boring office clothes or scrubs/uniforms for our day jobs, or shuffle around in jeans and a hoodie running errands. It’s nice to have an opportunity to dress up and look nice and make use of sparkly necklaces and sexy dresses that we don’t get to wear as often as we’d like to.

6) Dancing Salsa Spices Up Your Personal Life:

Regardless if you’re single or in a relationship, dancing salsa brings people together. Dozens of couples have met at dance and later on gotten married and had kids together. Previous couples found that dancing together strengthened their relationship and brought them closer together and taught them how to communicate better and work together as a team. Besides, isn’t the idea of going out salsa dancing together a much more fun way to spend date night than what you usually do? If you’re single and not looking for anything serious, there’s plenty of flirting that goes on around the dance floor!

7) Dancing Gets You in Shape:

All dancers I know, myself included, have crazy strong legs, especially calves! You might feel a little sore at first, but once you get the ball rolling, you’ll find yourself getting in better shape. And guys, you’ll be using your back, shoulder and arm muscles a lot to lead (I know, because I’m a teacher and have to dance the guy’s part sometimes), so you’ll be putting those hours at the gym to good use! If you’re interested in losing weight, salsa dancing is a great way to get started if you treat practice sessions like cardio and use them to work up a sweat. It also helps you lose weight because it gets you up off the couch and out of the house, so you’re not sitting at home snacking away out of boredom.

8) Dancing Builds Your Self-Esteem:

Dancing helps boosts your confidence and self-esteem because you get used to interacting with members of the opposite sex (like asking people to dance with you), and having people pay attention to you and watch you dance (at little intimidating at first, but totally not a big deal after a while when you want people to watch you dance). And of course, you feel good about yourself when you become a really good dancer after putting in all that hard work and get to see that superstar inside of you.

9) Bragging Rights:

I think knowing how to dance salsa and putting in all the hard work that goes into it entitles you to some bragging rights. Even if you’re a beginner dancer, you’re still better off than the person that doesn’t know anything. Am I right? This doesn’t mean be mean or rude to people who don’t know as much as you, but at least enjoy the fact that you know how to do something that not everyone else knows how to.

10) You Have Fun:

Hands-down, without a doubt, salsa dancing is fun. If you’re not having fun, then something’s not right. I don’t care if you only know how to dance the basic, because I’ve seen people dance only the basic all night long, and have a hell of a time, so go out there and enjoy yourself! Unless you’re at a competition, no one’s judging you, so don’t worry about how you look. Just relax and smile because you’re dancing salsa!


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